Airdrop not showing up on macbook

Do you know all the possibilities of AirDrop? We show you how to use it to send files and photos between Macs, from iPhone to iPhone, from iPhone to Mac, and from Mac to iPhone (and iPad).

Apr 03, 2019 · MacBook Pro introduced in late 2008 or later, excluding the MacBook Pro (17-inch, late 2008) If the device is still not showing up in Airdrop, try restarting both devices, which should be the ultimate fix. Although this should be a very rare case, if you still have any issues, we’d recommend paying a visit to your nearest Apple store to

Although Airdrop is a handy feature that makes transfers between devices super easy, many users have reported problems with Airdrop. Some were able to send data to only limited contacts.

Our how-to guide shows you how to use AirDrop to share files quickly and easily between a Mac and an iOS device, such as an iPad or iPhone. The dialog box took a few seconds to show up on the second machine to confirm the transfer; on the other hand, showing up on AirDrop on my iMac’s screen seemed almost instant – it’s the leaving that may take some seconds. No matter what problems your iPhone, iPad and iPod suffer from, you still could find solutions here. Learn how to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac and vice versa, uncover wired alternatives to AirDrop, and check out ways to improve your file transfer experience. This is the Easy Fix Airdrop not working-iPhone X airdrop not working ios 11 airdrop not showing up on mac airdrop doesn't work on mac airdrop allow me to be discovered by not showing airdrop iphone x airdrop not working mac sierra airdrop…How To Share Files With Airdrop On iPhone, iPad, & Mac you ever struggled to transfer files from a Mac to an iOS device, or vice-versa? Then you need to share files with Airdrop, Apple's great transfer tool

Airdrop Files Not Showing Up in Downloads Folder |Apple Sep 20, 2015 · Airdrop Files Not Showing Up in Downloads Folder 10334 Views 5 Replies. Latest reply on Sep 20, 2015 9:16 AM by Johne73b . Level 1 (0 points) 2015 on your iPhone and then used airdrop to put that photo on your macbook on September 20 that file will be placed in the date order it was created (April 2015) in your download folder. Airdrop from iPhone XR to Mac Pro 2010 not working : mac Jan 25, 2019 · One Mac is a MacBook Air mid 2011 running High Sierra 10.13.6, and the other is a Mac Pro mid 2010 running Mojave 10.14.2. When I open a Finder window on either Macs, they both show up in Airdrop. My iPhone XR on 12.1.1 is not showing up, and the Macs does not show up when wanting to share a picture from the phone, using Airdrop. How To Fix AirDrop Problems - Macworld UK If you are having trouble with an iPhone or iPad not showing up for AirDrop, not receiving files via AirDrop, or another issue read on for advice about what to do. 2008 MacBook Pro and onwards AirDrop Not Working On iPhone 8? Here's The Fix!

AirDrop Not Showing Up in iOS Control Center? This is the Feb 01, 2016 · Fix for AirDrop Not Showing Up in iOS Control Center. There are a few potential reasons for AirDrop not being visible, if you recently updated the iPhone or iPad to a new version of iOS, you might find AirDrop to be hidden rather than missing. Restrictions on my iPad Air 2 are DISABLED – still – no device showing on my MacBook Pro (2017 Q&A: AirDrop is missing? - AppleToolBox Jun 23, 2019 · 1 Tips for AirDrop is missing. 1.1 Receiving showing it’s off? 2 If your iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) device does not have the AirDrop option, please note that: 3 AirDrop is missing: Using an Older Mac? 4 AirDrop Not Showing Up in Mac’s Finder Sidebar? 4.1 Still Not Seeing AirDrop? 5 No Time? Check out our AirDrop troubleshooting video 6 Tips to Fix AirDrop Not Working on iPhone iPad in iOS 11/12

AirDrop Not Working in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad? Here is

Airdrop Not showing up in the finder side… - Apple Community Feb 16, 2018 · Question: Q: Airdrop Not showing up in the finder sidebar. Went to show them how to airdrop and asked them to open up their finder. In the sidebar, several of them did not have AirDrop showing. Is there something I need to enable? More Less. MacBook Air, iOS 10.3.3 Devices not showing up for AirDrop - Ask Different Devices not showing up for AirDrop. Ask Question Asked 4 years, I can see the iPad, I can see my wife's iPhone, but not the MacBook. On MacBook, I can see the iPad, my wife's phone and even my iPhone and I can drop to there, but not the other way around. I started my Mac and the iPhone 5c and now both shows up in AirDrop – Kuldeep AirDrop showing a doubled MacBook | MacRumors Forums Dec 21, 2019 · Hi, since Catalina I'm having a problem with sharing thing from my iPhone or iPad to my MacBook Pro via AirDrop. My MacBook's Pro name is just "MacBook Pro" as I have changed it from "MacBook Pro (Robert)" right after installing a fresh version of Catalina, but my other devices keep showing me two of my MacBook, when using AirDrop.

Nov 12, 2019 · The instructions in this article apply to iPhones and iPod touches running iOS 10 and up. How to Fix a Missing AirPlay Icon on iPhone and iPod touch AirPlay is a built-in feature of the iOS (the operating system that runs on the iPhone and iPod touch).

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